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Welding Consultancy At Tech Inspections Ltd, we provide a comprehensive array of consultancy services, across the UK, to help get the most out of your work force, and workshop and to overall maximise your company potential. We can enhance your welders capabilities, which in turn improves the quality of their work; establishing the needs of the work shop, and then implementing the changes for continuous improvement and streamlining of costs. There are several ways in which we can do this, one of which is for us to send an Consultant who will be able to identify the areas for improvement, identify both strengths and weaknesses, to then make the most effective use of your resources. They will do this by talking with the relevant people in the areas which require auditing and record and analyse how things operate and how those systems relate to the environment. Our Consultant also assesses risk and control, examines records, files and your Quality manual should you have one, and any other documents that support your business objective. This then provides the factual information for continuous improvement, therefore reduction of loss, and will not only monitor compliance, and improve management understanding of systems, but will enhance the workplace environment, and the wellbeing of the employees. Following the visit, our Consultant will address the specific areas in a findings report, and will go through with you the proposed agreed actions that you need to address.