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A Mechanical / Optical Engineer from the UK aerospace and defence sector with post graduate management and business diploma; specialising in the fields of legal metrology, quality management and conformity assessment - successfully completed over 600 x "quality management" projects. Vast practical experience with ISO 9001, EN / AS 9100 (and 9120), CAA JAR / EASA, ISO 17020, ISO 17021, ISO 17025 (laboratory test / calibration) and EN 45501 / SV - with Trading Standards) and EN 1090 / CE Marking. In summary, laboratory compliance manager within an international test and calibration group (UKAS, RvA and SWEDAC accredited) and production manager with Europe's largest CNC machine tool manufacturer, Working with SME's, multinationals, consultancy firms and accredited certification and notified bodies (providing technical and compliance expertise), Working within a range of SME sectors - supporting legal compliance and process improvement for aerospace and defence, precision engineering, chemical, agri-food, automotive and motor-sport - production engineering, project management, quality assurance and compliance systems.