Alcumus SafeContractor Helps Rendall & Rittner Achieve Their Environmental, Social and Governance Objectives

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Written by: Alcumus
22nd February

Increasing legal requirements and expectations from consumers, customers, employees and stakeholders mean that responsible businesses need to manage risks and transparency in their supply chain and minimise the impact of vulnerabilities and disruptions.

With many industries characterised by a large number of contractors and suppliers, prequalification and sourcing specialised workers continues to be high on the agenda for companies to achieve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives.

Rendall & Rittner are one of the largest property management companies operating across the UK. With a large and growing residential property portfolio, the company manages more than 80,000 individual units. Alcumus SafeContractor has been supporting the company for a number of years by future-proofing their supply chain management through technology.

Alcumus SafeContractor helps a range of sectors to prequalify contractors and identify and manage risks, providing solutions to keep people safe and give them resilient and sustainable supply chains. Using the contractor and supplier management system has provided Rendall & Rittner valuable insight to make sure they’re retaining high-standards for environment, health, safety and quality (EHSQ).

 Vanessa Brandham, Head of Health and Safety at Rendall & Rittner:

“As contractors come in all shapes and sizes, it is difficult and time consuming to assess the individual aspects of the complex work that they do. Generic questionnaires are not relevant or detailed enough for the jobs at hand which meant there was room for continuous improvement in our supply chain process.” “By having a greater transparency of who is in our supply chain across multiple sites, we can ensure that we are compliant with the ever-increasing regulation in our industry.”

Rendall & Rittner faced an excessive administrative burden when prequalifying its 3,000 registered contractors.  The streamlined process through Alcumus SafeContractor has helped Rendall & Rittner achieve their environmental, social and governance objectives by:

  • Effectively monitoring, managing and making informed decisions about who they work with.
  • Prequalifying contractors and suppliers.
  • Verifying compliance and reducing risks around health and safety, environmental, modern slavery, diversity, equality, workplace wellbeing and financial stability.
  • Reassurance that they’re choosing safe, stable, ethical contractors and suppliers.
  • Regular reporting and access to contractor documentation stored in one place.
  • Helping to implement improvements where required.

SafeContractor is one of the only health and safety accreditation solutions that goes beyond the SSIP core criteria to also ask contractors dynamic risk-based questions tailored to their business profile and types of work. For Rendall & Rittner, this provides confidence for all their business stakeholders, especially their property managers, that all of the contractors they work with have demonstrated their commitment to ESG standards.

This allows contractors to demonstrate how they carry out the required work activity, which doesn’t just determine their compliance to help mitigate risks; it allows buyer organisations to make better informed procurement decisions when considering who to work with.

Gemma Archibald, Chief Operating Officer SME, Alcumus:

“With over 20 years’ experience, Alcumus SafeContractor acts as a supply chain and EHSQ+ risk partner helping to create better workplaces.  Now more than ever, companies worldwide are investing more in their EHSQ programmes and technology solutions. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to support Rendall & Rittner and deliver the service and technology that helps our clients achieve their objectives.”

Next steps

Register for our webinar on Tuesday 9th March with Rendall & Rittner where they’ll discuss with Gemma Archibald the challenges and lessons learned in implementing contractor prequalification software with Alcumus.

Source: Rendall and Rittner Case Study | SafeContractor