Climate Action Card Game Launch

Alcumus has launched the world-first Climate Action Game in partnership with EcoAction Games, aiming to spark fresh thinking in the way we tackle the climate crisis.

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Written by: Alcumus
28th October

Alcumus has launched the world-first Climate Action Game in partnership with EcoAction Games, aiming to spark fresh thinking in the way we tackle the climate crisis. We hope these little packs will inspire people everywhere to act and tackle a challenge facing us all … the Climate Challenge.

The Climate Action Game has been exclusively designed and launched to coincide with the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) – the global climate action conference in Glasgow. This brings nations together to agree ambitious emission reduction targets, protect communities and natural habitats, mobilise climate action finance and tackle the climate crisis together through collaboration between governments, businesses and society. At Alcumus, we are committed to cutting carbon and helping organisations do the same through our technology solutions and expertise.

Businesses rely on people, of course, and we hope that inspiring them to take individual actions can have a collective impact to reduce greenhouse gases and curb our planet’s warming. Tackling the climate crisis is not a game of course, but research has consistently shown that games can be a powerful way of understanding, learning and acting on serious topics. By creating these packs with EcoAction Games, we hope to engage people and businesses of all sectors and sizes in those individual actions for joint impact.

EcoAction Games are an award-winning, independent, B-Corp certified, UK-based social business, which educates, engages and enthuses people to make positive changes towards a Net Zero future to combat climate change. The game aims to create a little fun, but also help people to take simple steps to cut carbon, protect resources and save money in their business and personal lives.

The game packs feature picture cards in categories such as heating, power, water, travel and waste, each of which have lifestyle options ranging from climate-damaging through to climate-friendly. To be responsible, the cards are printed on Revive 100% FSC recycled paper from certified post-consumer waste, the pack boxes are made with FSC Mix Credit and the packs are carbon-balanced via the World Land Trust.

Players work towards a ‘Net Zero Carbon’ lifestyle by taking cards from others or swapping them with a central stack. It’s a game of skill, knowledge and timeliness – players must decide whether to wait for the best cards in the seven lifestyle categories, or compromise and reveal their hand earlier, hoping that they have the lowest impact lifestyle overall. The ‘Net Zero Hero’ winner is the player with the lowest overall cumulative card score, covering typical situations, habits and behaviours from modern living.

The purpose of the game is to make players aware of their actions and alert them to more planet-friendly impacts in their everyday decisions, actions and habits. Alcumus has been helping to shape positive impacts that create a safer and more sustainable world for over 40 years. Built on deep expertise, our technology solutions help the world’s leading brands to manage risks, tackle operational challenges and drive business growth. We support the environmental, social and governance (ESG) ambitions of over 45,000 clients across our planet.

For the climate crisis, our solutions help to track, manage and reduce carbon to achieve Net Zero goals, support science-based targets and inform climate disclosures to provide a collective impact. But, that relies on people understanding and acting on the simple changes they can make to lifestyles at work and at home. That’s where we think this Climate Action Game can help.

Like the world, these games are a limited edition. If you’d like to win a pack, just send your details to Alcumus to see how we could help with your ESG ambitions.