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Maylim partner with Alcumus to demonstrate Supply Chain Compliance with ethical best practice and sustainable growth

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Written by: Alcumus
10th May

Maylim, a specialist provider of high-quality external works, landscape and public realm schemes, and civil engineering projects, has expanded its partnership with Alcumus SafeContractor to also include suppliers through its newly launched Supply Chain Compliance solution.

“To provide the highest standard of pre-qualification across our supply chain, Maylim has made the long-term decision to partner with Alcumus for supply chain compliance. This means that Maylim’s suppliers will need to gain and maintain SafeSupplier verification, in the same way that sub-contractors already hold SafeContractor accreditation” said Maria Troy, Quality and Compliance Manager at Maylim.

Alcumus launched its new Supply Chain Compliance Solution in March 2022 to deliver control across the safety, ethical and financial risks within modern supply chains. With over 20 years of experience in supplier risk management, Alcumus now accredits and verifies across the full breadth of health and safety, sustainability, modern slavery, data privacy, insurances, quality, and financial status for organisations in the UK.

“Maylim is committed to ethical best practices and sustainable business growth and is constantly seeking to improve company processes. Maylim’s clients expect the highest levels of quality, and we are increasingly being asked to evidence sustainability and social value within our supply chain. It is Maylim’s responsibility to ensure all sub-contractors and suppliers comply with legal, financial and moral obligations to working safely and ethically.”

“It takes around three hours to complete each individual PQQ. PQQ’s include details such as health and safety compliance and insurances, as well as industry best practice including; financial details, data protection, modern slavery and right to work. Partnering with Alcumus will save around 660 hours of admin every year with the help of their expert auditors.”

“Maylim’s suppliers will be onboarded consistently and the compliance data will be held securely in a single location to enable visibility across the entire supply chain. Not only will this help Maylim to tender for more projects, it will help to identify any potential risks within the supply chain.”

For many businesses, the pressure is increasing to enhance the visibility of their supply chains and improve pre-qualification and verification processes across the supplier universe.  Joining SafeSupplier will save Maylim’s suppliers time by only having to demonstrate their compliance once. They will also benefit from the wide range of member benefits currently enjoyed by sub-contractors, such as free advice, 1-2-1 support and discounts on materials, fuel, insurance and more.

Helen Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise at Alcumus said: “Without an effective supplier management verification process in place, companies invite risk, additional cost, brand damage and disruption into their business. It is fundamental companies know in advance which suppliers they can trust.”

“Alcumus Supply Chain Compliance gives businesses the peace of mind that their supply chain is secure and resilient and allows suppliers and contractors to demonstrate that they meet the necessary requirements around health and safety, environment, modern slavery, diversity, equality, workplace wellbeing and financial stability.”

“We’re thrilled that Maylim has expanded their supply chain from contractors to include suppliers and we wish them every success. More than 480 leading organisations, including many of the UK’s leading companies, have selected Alcumus to create safer workplaces, keep their people safe and give them resilient and sustainable supply chains.”

You can learn more about Alcumus Supply Chain Compliance here: