New Year, New Job, New Me?

Our Internal Recruiter, Beth Poulton, shares some pointers on how to find your perfect new job for the New Year.

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Written by: Alcumus
21st December

As an Internal Recruiter, I am constantly recruiting for all types of personalities, skills and experience to make the perfect match for different roles and teams across Alcumus. Above all, the most vital ingredient to making that perfect match is knowing if the job role and the company is right for you. Below is a list of points to consider before making your decision;

Job content

Ask yourself the following: how stimulating are the daily tasks? Will you get bored? What skills do you enjoy utilising so that you will be energised?


Knowing your salary, benefits and/or commission is vital if you don’t want any first payday horrors. Be aware of what you need, want and most importantly, deserve. Research salary averages for your field.

The boss/team

Think of your most ideal management style and remember to mention this at interview stage. Would you prefer a hands-on boss or one who will leave you to work independently? Call upon your past experiences; previous teams that still give you nightmares may give you an idea of what type of team ethic you’re looking for.


Very important. Nobody wants career stagnation. Make sure that you know what progression looks like, and how to get there.


One that’s often forgotten but can have a massive impact on your happiness. Ask yourself this: can you make that commute, Monday-Friday, every week, every year?


Make sure that you can embrace the goals of the employer. How do you feel about the product or service that the company is offering? Are you behind it or against it? The culture of the organisation should blend in with your values and lifestyle, therefore be sure to ask anything from dress code to work-life balance.     

Join Alcumus

If you’re interested in joining the Alcumus family, take a look at our vacancies. We have a range of exciting career opportunities across our offices in Aylesbury, Huddersfield, Manchester, Stratford and our Cardiff HQ.

Best of luck and have a wonderful Christmas!