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Easy to use, powerful reporting and analytics

Reduce administrative work with a robust reporting solution revolutionising the way organisations manage and leverage safety data. Automate reporting of both leading and lagging indicators to free up your time for higher value insights and recommendations.

Easily present the key performance metrics to the executive level with interactive dashboards – tracking safety KPIs, measuring performance, deriving actionable insights, and implementing changes. All of which helps to enable better decision-making and a proactive safety culture using our eCompliance solution.

We’re a trusted provider to over 45,000 businesses around the world including Fortune 500 index organisations, and a Leader in the 2021 Verdantix Green Quadrant for EHS solutions globally.



  • Gain complete visibility into your safety program adoption and performance, with quick and easy access to your safety KPIs and dashboards.

  • Make management reporting simple with executive-ready dashboards for key insights and close the feedback loop across your team and the organisation.

  • Enhance your safety program and take the necessary steps to reduce incidents on the frontlines, by automating your dashboards via emails to site-managers with actionable insights from your safety data.

  • Obtain a quick overview of compliance adherence across various areas of your safety program and assess your company’s safety performance via customised dashboards.



Real-time Views

360 degree real-time views of your safety program, adoption and performance.


Automated dashboards.

Increase Participation

Increase participation and adoption rates.


See trends in safety KPIs.


Schedule dashboards to executive inboxes.

Leading Indicators

Visibility into leading indicators.


Simple and easy to use.

Improve Results

Improve safety program results.

Improve Decisions

Improve decision-making.

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Market-leading technology

“Safety Intelligence has helped us save the time of running reports making our processes more efficient, with its simple and user-friendly functionality. Managers can easily set up their own dashboards allowing them to drill into specifics for each site, providing access to real-time data available as soon as you log in. A visually attractive and well organized user experience.”


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