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ISOQAR > Transition Faqs

What if I discussed transition with my auditor during the last visit and arrangements were made to complete the transition at my next audit

Transition can still take place at your next audit as planned. However, you will need to complete the pre-audit gap analysis and telephone interview prior to your audit taking place.

Is the Transition Gap analysis process mandatory

Yes, the transition gap analysis and telephone interview is mandatory for all Alcumus ISOQAR clients wishing to transition to the 2015 standard(s). The reason this process was introduced is so that we can ensure clients are ready to transition prior to the audit taking place and to ensure a comprehensive and thorough audit.

What if I have certification for both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Provided that you have combined audit visits, the Transition Gap Analysis Document provided to you for completion covers both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, therefore will only need to be completed and submitted the once, and only one transition fee will be levied.

If during my transition audit, the auditor raises non-conformances, will this affect the release of my new certificate

Any non-conformances raised will need closing prior to certificate issue, the auditor will confirm at the close of your audit the method in which this is to be done. 

Will I receive a new 3 year certificate upon successful completion of my transition audit

The transition will not impact upon your current certification cycle/expiry, therefore if you transition during a surveillance audit your new certificates will display the new version of the standard(s) you are certified to, but will have the same expiry as your previous certificate(s).
Transitioning at Recertification will result in a new 3 year certificate(s) being issued.