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Do you need to conduct a disciplinary but don’t know where to begin?

Are you having trouble managing employee absences?

Is your company going through the redundancy process?

We have free HR advice to help your business navigate through a wide range of topics

Our HR advice has been written by our fantastic HR consultants. Our HR guides are filled with practical advice to help your business, but if you need further guidance, why not speak to one of our HR Consultants?

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How can our HR consultants help you?

  • 24/7 expert advice

  • We’ll get to know your business

  • Tailored employee contracts

  • Tailored company handbook

  • Support during the recruitment process

  • Advice during disciplinaries and investigations

  • Managing employee absences

  • Guidance through redundancies

Need help managing these processes?

We have software that can:

  • Reduce time on administrative tasks
  • Keep your business organized
  • Help you stay legal and compliant