Subcontractor Lead Auditor (Mainland and Northern Ireland)

Field Based, UK

We are looking for experienced Lead Auditors to join us in Mainland and Northern Ireland on a contract basis.

What you’ll be focused on:

As a Lead Auditor, you will support our clients through their audit and assessment process of the ISO standards. You will facilitate and lead the audit, sometimes on-site and sometimes remotely from the comfort of your own home. You will create the post-audit report and guide the client on improvements that need to be made.

You will build long-lasting relationships, learn about their business and products and create a fantastic long-term partnership.

What that means day to day

Some of your daily tasks will include:

What you’ll need to be successful

  • Getting to know our clients and their products – there really is nothing better than building great relationships
  • Hosting opening meetings – let’s help our clients understand their audit process as much as we can
  • Leading on the audit – this is where your subject matter expertise comes into play
  • Report writing – now the audit is complete, it is time to finalise it and turn your hard work into a report for the client to receive
  • Ongoing learning and development – if you join us with knowledge of just one standard, we will train and upskill you to be able to audit against others
  • Candidates must have at least 3 months 3rd party Lead Auditor experience with another Certification Body.
  • 27001(Information Security) Subcontractors must have 4 years IT experience and be educated to degree level as well as 3 months as a Lead Auditor for another Certification Body.
  • For construction & 1090(steel), Subcontractors must have 3 years practical experience as well as auditor experience
  • CV's must detail 3rd party Lead Auditor experience, certificates, and any formal qualifications.


  • Employment Type: contract_temp