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We are a group of experienced industry experts with a real passion for improving the construction industry. We are innovators and influencers with leaders and technical specialists ready to support construction companies at every stage of the project cycle. We know from experience that every client is different with different requirements and concerns. We too are different. We work with forward looking clients understanding and delivering their needs and providing reassurance. Your people are the most important part of your business. Your business management system is one of the next most important parts of your business. Why? Ask yourself these questions: Is my business able to demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards? Are my essential business processes and objectives clearly defined? Is my business-critical knowledge only available in the heads of a few staff members? What if they leave or something happens to them? Am I frustrated with inconsistency in safety, quality and reporting on my projects? Are my clients asking for certification against certain standards? SSIP, ISO etc? We know the struggle it takes to decide the best possible way to implement the ISO standards, not to mention how many questions might come up throughout the process. by using our service, you never have to worry about uncertain issues you get an expert who supports you along the way. We can provide the documents that will satisfy all the main ISO Standards A formal management system or framework can help you manage your business more effectively and efficiently. It is your decision whether to have one or not. OK I need a Management System, but I have no idea how to start. This is where Green Hat Consulting can help you and your business.