3 Ways COR™ Will Help You Achieve Success

With the health and safety landscape shifting on a global scale, it’s time to take action and elevate your safety program. Where do you start? Let us guide you…

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Written by: Alcumus
6th July

It is crucial, now more than ever, to think about getting your Certificate of Recognition (COR). This entails compliance with the basic standards set by the specific area your organization is located in, inside Canada. With the health and safety landscape shifting on a global scale, it’s time to take action and elevate your safety program. Where do you start? Let us guide you…

What does COR offer you?

COR will help you elevate your safety program and may even help you boost your ROI. But most importantly, it will ensure your team gets home safely each day. In summary, COR will help you achieve a higher level of safety.

Where does Alcumus eCompliance come in? We’ve created a COR Resource Bundle to help you explore everything you need to know. From achieving and maintaining COR to the latest updates, we’re here to help streamline your journey!

Not convinced you need COR? Allow us to elaborate…

1. COR Creates New Opportunities 

It comes as no surprise that companies who have achieved their Certificate of Recognition have more opportunities within the market than those who do not.

Because COR is a journey that involves several steps and takes time to prepare for, high-value clientele will be more attracted to your business because they know you are invested in your safety program. With COR, your organization could have the ability to bid on larger projects and do business with well-known organizations across Canada.

Such opportunities can help catapult your business like never before. 

2. COR Will Help Boost Your ROI

COR will help boost your return on investment. How? Depending on the province you’re in, you may qualify for a rebate on your workers’ compensation premiums. Wait a minute, how does this relate to your return on investment? Let us explain.

You could receive up to a 15% rebate if you achieve your Certificate of Recognition. Let’s say you have a $10 million dollar payroll, and your premium is at $3/100. You could receive up to $45,000 back! This is a considerable amount that could help your organization. 

Companies that do not have a strong safety program are also subject to more workplace injuries and incidents. This often leads to delays in the project which could result in penalties and high insurance costs. Going through the COR process, an employer is forced to examine and assess their safety program and pinpoint where gaps and weaknesses may lie. This can help save money on costs such as worker injury compensation claims, fines, or delays, as you have taken the steps to reduce risks and protect your workforce. 

With a well-protected team thanks to a strong safety program, compliant with your jurisdiction, you will not only save money but save lives. This impact is priceless.

3. COR Will Help Strengthen Your Safety Culture 

With a comprehensive safety program meeting all COR requirements, you will help ensure your workforce gets home safely. COR dives into the nuances of safety, such as Hazard Assessment and Analysis, Preventative Maintenance, Training, and much more, to make sure that safety professionals are doing all they can to mitigate risks across the organization.

The process of achieving or maintaining COR forces you to take a closer look at your safety program to really assess its effectiveness. It makes you think about everything, from little details such as postings on safety boards to assessing risks like COVID-19 within your organization. Gathering all this data and insight certainly is a team effort and requires communication between safety professionals, the senior leadership team, and the front-line workforce. When the front-line workforce knows their feedback and safety is valued, it will help boost morale and overall retention rates.

The entire process of working towards getting COR is meant to bolster your safety program and improve safety performance. This will in turn strengthen your organization’s safety culture, as team members work together towards creating a safer work environment.

In Summary…

COR could truly help propel your organization forward and improve safety performance. Let us help you achieve this goal.

Access our Top COR Resource Bundle to help you gain insight into the 6 most common COR audit challenges from the perspective of a certified auditor with 250 audits under his belt, the latest updates to COR, and what you need to know about COR 2020, and more! Or speak to one of our Alcumus eCompliance Safety Experts today! Complete the below form and they will be in touch.