Bangor University’s Language Technologies Unit (LTU): The importance of ISO 27001

It may not be immediately apparent how gaining ISO 27001 certification could be beneficial for an organisation. Bangor University’s Language Technologies explains to us how it has helped them.

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Written by: Alcumus
7th February

Bangor University’s Language Technologies Unit (LTU) is a self-funded research unit that develops digital language resources and tools for the Welsh language, the Celtic languages, and for multilingual situations in general. The LTU is responsible for Cysgliad, a package containing a Welsh language spellchecker, a grammar checker, and a collection of comprehensive dictionaries, and has also developed numerous other language proofing tools.

The LTU was first established in 2001, since then, it has undertaken terminology standardisation work, and develops electronic dictionaries for a range of subject fields on a variety of platforms, including websites and apps. The LTU also develops AI-enabled speech and translation technologies for Welsh and less-resourced other languages.

Stefano Ghazzali, Technology and Systems Advocate – Lead ISO Implementer, tells us, “In addition, the LTU develops computer-based learning aids, including language games. The LTU close connections with a number of academic schools within Bangor University, including the School of Arts, Culture and Language; School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering; and School of Medical and Health Sciences. In 2016 the LTU was one of the founders of the Technology and Language Research Network at Bangor, which brings together researchers in this field.”

Benefits of ISO Certification

It may not be immediately apparent how gaining ISO 27001 certification could be beneficial for an organisation. Stefano tells us, “It shows research partners, students, customers that we take information security seriously.

As well as this, ISO 27001 being a globally recognised standard shows all stakeholders that we take the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data seriously and have systems in place to limit financial and reputational damage in case of data breaches.”

ISO 27001 can not only show that you are reliable to clients, but also to other organisations, as it shows you are reputable to do business with. Gaining certification has allowed Bangor University’s LTU to tender for bigger research contracts.


Like many businesses, the LTU were faced with the challenges that came with Brexit and the pandemic. Professor Delyth Prys, Head of the LTU, tells us “As a self-funded unit, continuity and security of our funding is always uppermost in our mind. Brexit was especially difficult, as it has cut us off from European funding and important European research networks.”

“We’re working very hard to look at new sources of funding and keep up our European connections. Safeguarding our reputation for high quality and innovative research, together with high quality security arrangements and procedures is a crucial part of this. “


“We knew the importance of choosing a certification body that is UKAS accredited. UKAS ensures the certification body are compliant and meeting the highest standards. ISOQAR offer competitive pricing, and extremely good service. Being based in Wales ourselves, we also liked that ISOQAR are part of Alcumus whose headquarters are based in Wales.”

It may be beneficial to start with a training course on ISO 27001. You’ll learn how to develop, implement, and audit your system.

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