When one door closes, another opens

Why Alcumus supports the Armed Forces Covenant and why it’s such a desirable destination for ex services personnel.

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Written by: Alcumus
8th November

For some military personnel, returning to civvy street can be a challenging adjustment. The vast majority settle back in effortlessly, but some need extra support.
The ‘Armed Forces Covenant’ was introduced nearly two decades ago. It’s a set of principles - not legally binding - that aims to remove disadvantage for veterans and their families and to ensure that they get the same access to services as the civilian community.
Having given up many rights that civilians enjoy whilst serving their country, the Ministry of Defence says that upon departure from their posts, the nation has a moral obligation to ex-services personnel. In some cases, especially for those who have given most such as the injured, special consideration is appropriate.
Many employers, local authorities and charities sign up to the Covenant as a demonstration of their commitment. Alcumus counts amongst that number. By doing so, it means we make a special effort to seek out veterans and present them with every opportunity to find careers within the business.
Alcumus ISOQAR, the Certification Body, has proven to be a particularly attractive home for ex-service personnel. As Kev Davidson, Senior HR Business Partner at Alcumus, explains: “There are a couple of reasons in particular that a certification body is such a good fit. First, armed forces personnel often have exceptional organisational skills and resilience which are perfect attributes for an auditor. Second, because we’re auditing technical systems, their knowledge and experience in the various disciplines means they can hit the ground running.”
Any armed forces personnel seeking a career in the Alcumus Group should keep an eye on the vacancies page of the website.