We are sponsoring SwanseaCon!

Alcumus is proud and delighted to announce that we will be a Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming SwanseaCon.

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Written by: Alcumus
16th August

Louis has been with Alcumus for almost six months. Louis’ strength lies in discovering the most talented Business Intelligence, Project Managers, Infrastructure and Developers (C#, Java, .NET, PHP and more!), and lure them to the Alcumus’ side.

Louis, you have been with Alcumus for almost six months. What is your favourite part of the job?

That is a hard question, and to just pick one answer would be impossible. Amongst many other things, I would say the general buzz you get in the Cardiff office is something that makes me look forward to come to work every day. Also finding the right person for the a role not only helps Alcumus grow, but also helps me to populate one of our key pillars of focus, the technology department. It thrills me to see the team grow and become more diverse with new ideas from the new hires!

Why do we need new people and what different skills do we need?

Alcumus is transitioning to become a software led business, therefore we need to add strength to our core tech team. We currently have a number of greenfield projects which are in new languages which we don’t speak internally. The skills we are continuously recruiting for are JavaScript, Node.JS, React.JS, AWS, MongoDB, CouchDB, Sapper, Webpack and we are aware that they are very rare new technology Svelte! Our CTO Mike likes newer technologies which can help us be more reactive to our internal and external stakeholders!~

What strengths will this recruitment boost give us?

A strong internal software team which can build what we must and configure what we need to. Great quality products and a faster reaction time for business needs as we have the team ready to handle requirements for the latter part of the year!

Can you quantify the impact you’ve had on Alcumus since you first joined?

In the last 6 months the Tech Team has grown exponentially with 233% growth in the last 5 months! Looks like I have done something right

What’s next on the tech agenda?

We are going to be stepping into tech events to make sure Alcumus gets recognised as an industry leading company not only in the H&S industry, but also in the tech industry. We will be attending SwanseaCon in September, where our CTO will be speaking and we will have one of his original games from 1986 running at our stand! I will then be looking at putting an Alcumus event together for the guys and girls in the tech team so we can have this as part of our new culture in Tech!

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