Investing in Leading the Way in The EHS Sector

Alcumus has been recognised as a leader by Verdantix for its leading Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) software, by strongly across the full solution spectrum.

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Written by: Alcumus
13th April

Digitisation has become a high priority for organisations to deliver real-time risk insights and evolve faster than ever before. With EHS professionals evolving from a reactive workplace incident reporting approach to a preventative risk management strategy, now more than ever companies worldwide are investing more in their EHS programmes and technology solutions.

Renowned for its expert insights, research and advisory firm Verdantix has published its independent review of global EHS software vendors in its 2021 EHS Software Green Quadrant. The research focuses on live product demonstrations, vendor responses and findings from a global survey of EHS decisionmakers across 25 industries and 31 countries.

With high scores across a number of criteria, Alcumus is one of only a few vendors to score strongly across the full solution spectrum laid out in the research, with Verdantix placing Alcumus as a Leader:

  • Chemicals management 2.0 scoring in the top three (2019 1.4)
  • Quality management 2.2 (2019 1.2)
  • Contractor safety management 2.3 achieving second highest scoring (2019 1.5)
  • Mobile solutions 2.2 (2019 1.2)
  • Training 2.2 scoring in the top three (2019 1.0)
  • Pandemic response management (new) 2.0 – top third of EHS software providers
  • Customer success and adoption (new) 2.0

The market for EHS platforms is growing due to the importance of systemising and controlling risk management practices inside and outside of the workplace, providing advantages for both companies and employees. Recently, Verdantix estimated that the EHS software market would reach $2.2 billion in 2025, a CAGR of over 10%.

Over the past five years, the landscape for environment, health and safety software has seen a significant evolution, with EHS vendors raising their profile and expanding product offerings to serve increasingly diverse cross-functional teams across EHS, quality and management. This has been driven by the growing recognition that EHS issues are strongly interlinked with operational risk, productivity and corporate performance.

In recent years, investment in EHS software has grown as regulatory compliance and integrated risk management has broadened the choices that organisations can choose from. Between January 2019 and December 2020, Verdantix identified more than 40 transactions involving firms with EHS technology propositions, including acquisitions.

Beyond risk mitigation and compliance, an effective Environment, Health, Safety, and Quality (EHSQ) strategy to safeguard quality and safety has an impact on the growth and reputation of a business. By digitising the EHSQ processes using an integrated software system, you can minimise the effort to track, manage, report and improve your health and safety culture.

Alcumus helps to connect people, processes and data globally; digitising manual processes that are easily accessible from one location supported by a unique combination of expertise, practical advice and knowledge of a wide range of business sectors that enable organisations to:

  • Raise standards across the business and supply chain
  • Track, investigate and manage incidents and non-compliance
  • Provide a single standard process
  • Enable consistency across multiple geographies with language translation functionality
  • Provide complete audits and inspections
  • Assess chemical risk
  • Onboard verified contractors and suppliers
  • Enable time and cost savings

We help to ‘join the dots’ by creating business intelligence that brings clarity and transparency.

Helen Jones, Chief Operating Officer Enterprise at Alcumus said:

“At Alcumus, we're delighted to be recognised as a Leader in global EHS software by Verdantix, improving our 2019 placement as a challenger. Recognising the strengths of Alcumus’ integrated EHS software to connect people, processes and data is a huge achievement for us and demonstrates the value that we bring to our 40,000 customers. Being recognised as a Leader is further validation of our vision to create better workplaces, keep people safe, reduce risks and simplify processes.”

To learn more about the Global EHS Software market, download our Whitepaper: ‘A Market Guide to Global EHS Software 2021'.