Exclusive Research Release: Evolving ESG Trends and the Commercial Implications Faced by Business Leaders

In the past few years, the emphasis and commercial relevance of sustainability has become firmly embedded in strategic decision-making. Organisations across all sectors, public and private, now face a range of pressures internally and externally to improve their ESG performance.

Alcumus commissioned the independent research firm Verdantix to assess the evolving trends surrounding ESG and sustainability, as well as some of the challenges faced by businesses looking to optimise the potential of a robust ESG approach.

The research included a series of in-depth, qualitative interviews with senior executives across key business functions such as finance, operations, risk and supply chain. Respondents were based in either the UK or North America.

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The research provides key insights into:

  • Why investor pressure and regulatory compliance surrounding ESG is commanding the attention of senior business leaders.
  • How ESG investment drives faster growth and enhanced business resilience.
  • Why a third of firms are planning to increase spending on their ESG initiatives by 25% in 2022.