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To show that your business is as good as you say it is, you need to set high standards and achieve them. Being certified by an impartial body helps you to demonstrate that you comply with those standards.  

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Alcumus ISOQAR

By choosing ISOQAR as a certification partner, you and your customers have the confidence that you are aiming for excellence every time.

The highest standards you can achieve are those produced by ISO, the International Organisation for Standardisation. Their experts develop management systems based on global best practice. Governments and professional bodies everywhere recognise and promote these standards.

So, if you want to improve risk management and quality standards in your organisation, raise your environmental performance or protect the health and safety of your workers, you’ll find ISOQAR offers a management system to help you. 

We help you stand out from the competition, win more business and secure your future success. 


Our role

Raise performance

You may have customers who insist that you implement a certain standard and get it certified, which can often be a requirement to win tenders.

Or you may want to implement a standard to simply improve your operations and efficiency.

Whatever your motivation, ISOQAR offers certification to more than 25 standards so you can show that you’re committed to minimising risk, driving improvement and winning more work.

You can do this in one of two ways. Either by implementing your own system, in which case you would benefit from an Alcumus training course or, you can use an independent consultant from the ISOQAR Associate Network to help you.

Because ISOQAR is a UKAS accredited certification body, we must remain impartial when we audit your systems. This means we are not able to provide direct support in helping you implement your management system, but we can help you find the support you need. 


Benefits of a UKAS-accredited management system

  • Demonstrate compliance – Mitigate risk and open up new business opportunities.

  • Save time and money – Streamline processes, reducing costs and driving productivity.

  • Attract talent – Make your business more attractive to employees.

  • Gain competitive advantage – Stand out from the crowd with accredited certification.

  • Improved reputation – Displaying the ISOQAR shield enhances your profile.

how to get certified?

Choosing a certification body

You need to choose a certification body that simplifies the journey for you, speaks in plain English and responds to every need.

ISOQAR is one of the world’s most recognised and respected UKAS accredited certification bodies. Our reputation for providing outstanding service explains why clients who joined us when we first began in 1993 are still with us today. 

We’re here for you if you’re starting on your journey to certification, looking for Alcumus Academy training or ISOQAR Associate Network consultancy support, or thinking about transferring from your current certification body.  

Get in touch today to find out why 99% of clients are happy with their Alcumus ISOQAR audit experience. 


Alcumus ISOQAR

One of the world’s largest UKAS accredited certification bodies.

Trusted by more than 7,500 clients worldwide.

A portfolio of more than 25 standards means we can cater for all your compliance needs.

An exceptional Net Promote Score of 70+.

60% of clients have benefited from increased revenue due to ISOQAR certification.

More than 25 public, onsite and remote certification training courses, many CQI and IRCA approved.

more benefits

New business opportunities

Once you’ve implemented a standard, how do you make the most of this investment? How do you know it’s functioning as well as it can? How do you demonstrate that you’re living up to the standard? You need a UKAS accredited certification body to audit your system. This is the only true way to demonstrate your compliance to the standard.

An auditor will identify areas of opportunity to improve the way you work, helping you raise standards and improve performance and efficiency.

Most of all, once you’re certified, a certificate from an established global brand like ISOQAR will open doors to a whole new world of business opportunities for you. 

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Being able to operate reliable, flexible systems which are built to help your specific needs are key.


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